“We are sisters of this Earth—members of one powerful tribe.”

—Jada Pinkett Smith
“If you can feed yourself, you can free yourself.”

—Dr. Grace Lee Boggs, philosopher and Detroit community organizer
“My daughter talks about what she did and learned at ECO Girls all weekend long. This is a great program!”

—ECO Girl Parent

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ECO Girls is a program for 2nd through 7th grade girls who live in the Southeastern Counties of Michigan. We are looking for girls who want to learn, build new friendships, and explore the natural areas of our region in a fun, respectful environment. (Although geared toward encouraging girls to participate, all children from these areas may apply to the program, regardless of gender.)

For the 2013 Fall Semester all of our sessions will be combined Roots (2nd-4th) and Shoots (5th-7th) sessions.

The program will bring together girls from a diverse range of racial, cultural, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds, with preference being given to girls with less access to green spaces and/or environmental education opportunities.

To apply, fill out the online form below or or request that a paper application be mailed to you. You can also download and print the application PDF yourself. Mail the form back to:

Department of Afroamerican & African Studies
4700 Haven Hall
505 S. State St.
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109.

To reach us by phone, call us at 734 963 4374. You can also email us at eco.girls@umich.edu.

The program runs from September 2013 through May 2014.

Note: If children are filling out this application, they should do it with the help of a parent.

2013-2014 Application

Child's Name:      Date of Birth:


City:      Neighborhood:

Zip Code:

Age:      School:      Grade as of Fall 2012:

Special Interests and/or Experiences:

Parent (or Guardian) Name(s):

Home Phone:      Work/Cell Phone:


Second Emergency Contact:

Name:      Phone:      Email:

Relationship to child:

Estimated annual family income:

Do you need financial assistance?

After clicking the submit button, you should be taken to the "thank you" page. If you do not see this page, then the form was not properly submitted; please go back and try again. Please be sure that all fields are completed.